Arson for the Heart

by Buried Voices

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Hard & Heavy Horror & Heart ache, Southern Groove, Riff Worshipping, Rock 'n F'n Roll.
We're an American hard rock 4 piece from Columbia,SC. We're doing DIY and don't mind busting our ass. We're brothers in music and we do this because we love the process of creating and playing music live. It's simple as that.
We've played with all kinds of bands in different genres including Straight Line Stitch, SuperBob, The Independents, Your Chance To Die, and Filter as well as a horde of local bands that we call friends. We're growing a substantial fan base in Columbia and Charleston, SC and surrounding areas. We've completed our full length album titled "Arson For The Heart" available here. It was written and recorded on and off between 2011-2014. We like to describe the album and sound as "hard and heavy horror and heartache." It touches on topics like depression, suicide, death, love, loss, heartache, injustice, power, blood, destruction and the Salem witch trials. The album's title also says a lot about the long journey to completion. It took a lot of time, sacrifice, blood, sweat, heart, and determination, not to mention money that we saved up working day jobs, selling T-shirts and playing live shows. This album represents music that we wanted to make, natural, uncontrived, uncompromised, and true to ourselves.
We do this because we love it no matter what. Enjoy.

--"The guitar sounds like it’s penetrating the 9th level of hell." --Jamie Funk (
--"Buried Voices "Arson for the Heart" is truly a great album from start to finish. After listening to a track or two it's easy to forget that you're listening to a "local" band. The album is very polished with great riffs, catchy choruses, a solid rhythm section, and well placed, appropriately used leads. Buried voices are not only radio-friendly, they are radio-ready!" ---Casey Sanders (SCHORN Promotions)
--"I suppose the important thing about playing radio-ready heavy rock music is to sound the part. Lexington quartet Buried Voices certainly hits all the right cues, and the really quite excellent production on Arson for the Heart ensures the bands sledgehammer force hits with maximum impact.--Patrick Wall (Free Times Columbia)
--"Buried Voices are four guys from South Carolina that play the modern day equivalent of Heavy Rock, Heavy Modern Rock maybe? It could probably be labeled as many things at the end of the day, but all that's really important is the music, and it is catchy, groove laden Hard Rock that is often duplicated but very rarely this well, with all of the proverbial gears falling into place perfectly."--Dermie Skipper (Ride With The Devil Music Blog)


released August 5, 2014



all rights reserved


Buried Voices Columbia, South Carolina

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Track Name: Bloodshine
Blood Shine!
Which way do I go?
Which way does blood flow?
Running from my fate
Feed this pain that fuels my hate
Looking at myself
I don't know who I am
This stranger is my friend
Nothing gained but in the end

We'll all face the light
Give in at birth
Accept the seventh seal (Hull of the seed)

Frozen dirt
Smoke the Earth!

See the world
The hurt inside
Forget the truth face the lies
Blood stains and broken homes
Children playing all alone
I was once like you
Denied myself like you
Kill everything 'till nothings left
Confess the dying planet
Track Name: Scream Into the World
Laugh yourself into destruction
Dismantle the world until you hear
That Buried Voices that waits impatient
Holds recognition oh so dear

Scream Into the World forgotten
Not to be ignored
A rush of desperate frustration
Scream Into the World

Scream into the dying heads
Burn your tongue on the silence
Eyes roll back into the skull
The power of noise to cure you all.
Track Name: Pulse
Your pulse is finally slowing.
Help me stop you from lacerating.
You're the flow that keeps me going.
My life is your lowest rating but I know...
It's the emptiness in you.
It's the draining in you..
Cyphen the blood from my veins
Your last breath says my name in vain
My pulse is barely there
There's broken rythm in your bloodshot stare
Check my pulse
My pulse is finally slowing.
Help you stop me from lacerating
I'm the flow that keeps you going
Your life is my lowest rating but I know...
It's the silence in you and I know
It's the changing in you.
I'm bleeding to death and my body drained
I'm bound and tied and kept away
A loveless heart without a string to pull
Gone from the start just check my pulse.
Track Name: The Blowtorch
She sees through rose colored glasses
I sit here blindfolded once again
So now Im dodging arrows
And you don't want to be more than a friend.

So you're committing arson again
I'm here surrounded in your flame
I think we've all heard this one before
I sit here fireproof and love lorn

Another broken heart story
Never seen anyone crying so hard
I hear an air raid siren
Unheeded warning that burns in the end

So you're committing arson again
I sit here blowtorched and insane
I think we all know that everything's falling apart
I sit here fire proof and love lorn.
Track Name: Sarah Good
Forlorn, friendless, and forsaken creature
A cursed woman with a cruel nature
Give me your soul your virtuous signature
Drowning will prove if she sinks or floats

The maddening glory of those who judge you
Bitter injustice and a broken will
The stake you burn on will tear us apart
The very same that pierces my heart

What have we done?
Truth be told
Too late to believe now low and behold
I stand by you when no one will
Too late to believe forever until

I live for your hypocritic failure
Wrongly accused and the Wicked abused
What have we done with charity, witheld?
Sarah Good I believe in you
Track Name: Pretty Little Helpless
Pretty Little Helpless
Why Are You So Useless?
You're Love is Like a Car Wreck
That I Can't Forget.

I'm through with being careful
You say that you're not loved
Applaud the day you leave for good
Fake tears leave riverbeds.

I'm through with being helpful
Can't see through swollen eyes
That glare into an empty light
Like moths keep coming back

Pretty Little Helpless
Why Are You So Useless?
You're Love is Like a Car Wreck
That I Can't Forget.
Make me beg
Make me regret
Close my eyes and let go of the wheel...

I know that I've been wreckless
It keeps you crawling back
With broken words that haunt my days
Deception shuts my eyes.
Track Name: Perfect the Art of Sorrow
I've found that tears run thicker than blood
You crack a smile to fake the sun
We find new ways to perfect the art
Of constant sorrow and a mending heart

Why are you crying?
Over absolutely nothing.

Perfect the Art of Sorrow
Your tears I'll beg and borrow
I find! Your tears will be all mine
I'll keep them to myself
(I crave! Your tears are what I save
I'll keep them to myself.)

I crack a skull to give up the ghost
Alleviate what we hate the most
I can't depend on love so strong
It finds its way in twisted song.
Track Name: Bullet Pill
I don't belong here.
I don't even know why I'm still alive.
When the change comes I'll waste no time
Don't want to descend suicide.

As I shake from the pain
It's too much for me to fight
Feel a quake as the innocence dies...

You finally make it crawl and barely fake it
99 percent of you die.
I take a bullet shift and trigger pull it
Natural suicide

I feel no shame
It stays the same
I feel to blame
And then I take it...

You try to fake it crawl and barely make it
99 percent of you die
I try to take it, slide slither and shake it
Natural suicide
Track Name: A Different Way to Destroy
I need a new solution
One that helps control the tides
Your sacred architecture
Mass destruction with a price

Trade me your eyes for a sign
Trade me your life as I slowly die

You should be ashamed
You should change your ways

I'll live to fight another day
Destroy the world around me
Ignore alll the things you say
I'll try to find another way...To Destroy!

I need a new perception
Time has passed to find a way
The time to be effective
Another chance to break the day
Track Name: Bomb Where the Heart Used to Be
Fall into a flatline
Heart beats in dead time
Pass over out of body
See your ghost inside my mind

No saving you
No saving me
No saving anyone when your pulse is out of beat

Fist full of dynamite
Heart ticks to end this life
Pass over broken time
Pull the plug on this life line

No saving you
No saving me
No saving anyone when your pulse is out of beat

I've got a war head sitting right behind my eyes
She lights the fuse that burns the blood that scatters flies
I know the art of breaking hearts and mending days
Bomb where the heart used to be justifies my rage
Track Name: Absent
Read the fine print that tells me of my future
Adjust the lense just right to see it clearly
You're still shining down so we can see
LIved for the moment atleast you tried to be

Look into your crystal ball tell me what you see
written on your blank page our favorite story
Through the tunnel vision so suddenly
Your image burned in time infinitely

Believed in something greater than myself
Realized no one will help
All the things that never make sense
We're left to struggle
With your absence...

Hold out your hand, hope to find a grip
Draw a tale of time into your mind
Anticipate the last days no one can find
Turn the dial and try to rewind